The ultimate guide to drum sets for kids

Many kids love drumming, although parents aren’t always as keen! Here, we will take a look at some ways to find the perfect drum set for your child or children, no matter how old they are or what style you are looking for.  

For babies, there are lots of drum-style toys which are great for helping introduce your kids to drumming and learning rhythm at an early age. They usually feature lights and play fun sound effects and nursery rhymes, making them really attractive to young babies.  

There are also lots of toddler and kids drum sets available on the market. These often look like miniature versions of real drum kids, but with only two of three drums. They are ideal for parents who are hoping their child might get into drumming in the future!  

Many junior drum kits are designed for children up to 5′ tall, or around 10 years of age. It’s important to take into account the height recommendations before buying – if your child is too small they won’t be able to reach all parts of the kit. If they are too tall, they will end up adopting a poor posture, which can result in pain, and will get worse as they get taller. If your child is tall for their age or growing quickly, it’s often better to choose a beginner adult drum kit instead. This is great because it means parents can join in the fun, too!  

For parents who are worried about the noise, it’s a great idea to choose an electric drum kit. These are ideal for those living in apartments, or if you just need a bit of peace and quiet! There are electric drums available for children and beginners, and there are also mat-type drums which are placed on a table top, also ideal for helping reduce noise. 

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