Fireplaces: Should You Choose Electric, Gas, Open or a Wood-burning

What is winter without some fire? Just the thought of that cozy fireplace for you to stretch and relax in front of is good enough to make you eagerly wait for that time of the year.

Which Type To Choose

So, you have decided you need a fireplace in your house. It is something that can change the mood of the entire household from the gloom of winter to a laid back relaxed one. There are just too many options to choose from. If you are worried about which one to choose, here is a guide to help you out:

Compact And Sleek

If you have very little space, want your fireplace to look modern and have very little maintenance, then an electric fireplace would be a good idea. It will just require a few minutes before the fire is up in all its glory, warming up the entire room. You don’t need to construct a chimney to let out the smoke and you can choose from a number of designs to suit the décor of your home.

Clean And Fuss Free

If you want something that is clean and easy to light up without any fuss, a gas model might suit you.  You can opt for the traditional log effect fireplace to a modern classic design to suit your needs. You won’t need an elaborate chimney with a flue but you will need to have a carbon monoxide alarm installed in the room. Also, it needs to be maintained by a professional approved engineer.

Traditional Touch

If you like the smell of firewood burning and the sounds of the fire crackling, occasionally throwing up a splinter or two, the traditional wood burning fireplace either closed or open, could be what you are looking for. Though it is high in maintenance and requires skill to light it up, it can add the rustic touch to your home.

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