Die Unterschiede zwischen Surfen, Windsurfen und Kitesurfen


We all love to enjoy our days in the beach area by doing surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and more. These are all very interesting and we will feel so exciting when we do all these things. That is why most of the people plan for the vacation to a beach place. As we all know surfing is a type of water ride on the moving waves. This ride will be loved especially by the people who love water games. Usually, the surfing will not be allowed in all the beaches and there are only a few beaches in which the people can be allowed for doing surfing as it is really a risky thing. The persons should never do this ride without a deep knowledge about surfing. We can visit www.surflagune.de to book an appointment for doing surfing.


It is a type of surfing which will include both surfing and sailing. There will be a board of about 2 and 2.5 meters long connected to the ship. The windsurfing boards are classified into many categories and let us make a list of it below.

  1. Freeride:

This board is made for only comforts because the surfer should feel very comfortable while doing surfing on the ships.

  1. Wave boards:

These boards are very smaller and lighter and so the surfer can jump easily on the moving waves without any discomfort.

  1. Formula windsurfing class:

These boards will have only one meter in length and it is mainly used in formula racing.

  1. Freestyle boards
  2. Slalom boards
  3. Speed boards
  4. Beginner boards
  5. Racing longboards
  6. Tandem boards

Al the other boards are also used in formula surfing and the surfer will feel very easy and compact to carry and do surf against the moving waves.


Kiteboarding is the combination of surfing, snowboarding, windsurfing, paragliding and much more. There are some unique places to enjoy doing kitesurfing and those places are meant only for it. The people from many countries will fly to that places to enjoy that scary and interesting ride.

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