First Time Buyers Guide: Buying A House

Finally, you have saved enough money or you have acquired the conditions for a loan to buy an apartment or a house and you are ready for this great living investment. Moving into your own or new apartment or house is an exciting and important life event, but before signing a real estate purchase contract, it’s important to preserve the ‘cold head’ and carefully select a place you will soon call your home.

In order to make the best decision, we bring a small list of things that you need to pay attention before buying a property:

Checking the documentation

Although this does not require special notes, the first thing we need to do before buying an apartment or a home is to make sure that all ownership documents are correct and whether the person who sells an apartment or a house is the only owner of the property.

Set priorities

Although you sometimes fall in love with the house or apartment you want to buy at first glance, consider whether this property really has everything you need. For example, this may be a spacious kitchen, a children’s room or a parking space, but also other things such as school and kindergartens.

As for prioritizing, experts suggest that when choosing an apartment, next to a favorable price, you first look at the location, size and functionality of the apartment, and then the other things that you consider important. It can be close to city transport or distance from the workplace, and everything else you consider important.

It’s not all in a square meter

Although most people hope that for the money they have at their disposal to buy a bigger apartment, real estate experts point out that the square footage of the apartment is not always the most important one. What is very important is its functionality. A multi-square meter apartment will not mean much to you if you squat, for example, refer to a huge hallway or some other room without daylight.

Check the property status

Do not fall into the trap of an ad in which the apartment is offered conveniently ‘with little adaptation‘ or ‘small investment’. Such property attracts customers because of the low price, but sometimes after the renovation of the apartment, it turns out that you could buy an apartment in a new building for one or less money or some did not need an adaptation or additional investment.

In these situations, it is not necessary to check only the appearance of walls and windows, but the age of installations and the safety of the valves, sanitary facilities and electric and gas boilers. Do not forget about the age and overall condition of the building in which the apartment is located, and check the correctness of lifts, intercoms and other things that you consider important for your safety. If you are not sure about your assessment, you should seek advice from a construction or architect who will give you a reliable assessment of the state of the property.

Think ahead in terms of money

In addition to money to buy an apartment, remember that you will have to have some money in your process for other expenses. It can be a deposit, certification and preparation of various documents and contracts, expert estimates, taxes and possible renovation expenses or new furniture. By timely planning and budgeting, you will avoid additional stress and speed up the process of buying real estate.

Secure your property

When we consider property insurance, what we first think about is insurance of an apartment or house from burglary, fire or flood, but the fact is that nowadays property insurance policies now cover many risks, including even regular maintenance or repairs in the home or apartment.By negotiating the appropriate insurance policy for your home for a good price at, you will best protect what you have worked hard and sleep peacefully throughout the year.

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