How Children Are Spending Their Pocket Money

Pocket money is a great concept to teach young children about money and its value. While many parents are stringent with the money they give the child, what do the children use this money for? Do you have any idea about how they actually spend it? Here are a few things children spend their pocket money on:


The most common thing a child spends money on. Today with online shopping and stores taking the market by storm, children are getting tech savvy too. You wouldn’t be surprised if your child went online to buy some slim on They just know where to get what from.

Some of the other popular toys a child might spend his pocket money are:

  • Vehicles like bikes, monster trucks, etc
  • Dolls and dollhouses
  • Action figurines and their related accessories
  • Water-based games they can play with their friends
  • Guns or swords if they are into fictional movies
  • Clay and sand based toys
  • Activity-based toys

Going Out

Kids like to go out with their friends as well. though many parents have age restrictions, a kid always wants to act beyond their age. They might use their pocket money to go the fair in their own city or some gaming zone, where they can play and compete with their friends.


Parents have a number of restrictions when it comes to what a child is allowed to eat. When a child has money to spend on their own, they can buy their favorite forbidden foods from the local market and indulge themselves.


A few children want company and are keen on owning a pet. A child if motivated and desperate enough for a pet will save all his pocket money to buy himself a pet to play and spend time with.


Children like playing games and today’s virtual reality world offer them a number of options to spend on.

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