Sex Swings – Five Positions That Will Make You Experience Mind-Blowing Mid-Air Orgasms

Sex swings are the best playthings out there; they take pleasure to a new level. They are both hot and kinky, and they eliminate frustrations and problems such as weight, height, and boring sexual routine. Plus, who doesn’t like swings?


So, if you got yourself a nice sex swing, but you aren’t quite sure how to use it, or which poses are the best for achieving utmost pleasure with your partner, keep on reading. Here are the top five sex swing positions that will make you ask for more.


1.  Doggy in Space


Doggy style pose is amazing by itself, but imagine being suspended during doggy. Plus, the pose is awesome for lazy girls. Lie over one strap with your tummy and rest your chest over the other strap. Pick a hammock-like swing for this position; it will provide the most comfort. Your partner is behind you, holding on to your thighs or hips while sliding you back onto him. Moreover, one of your hands will be free; use it to touch yourself.


2. The Fidget Spinner


Sex swings that can do a 360 are the real deal; they provide next-level orgasms. Put your feet in the harness, hold on to the straps and slide your butt back off the seat. Then, use plenty of lube and lower yourself onto our partner’s penis. He should just lie there and spin you if you like that.


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3. The Magic Carpet


Sit in the swing and then lean back as much as you can; like a child trying to swing high. Your partner stands above, straddling your face. He bends to pleasure you using either his mouth, toys, or fingers (or a combination of these). Basically, this is a weightless 69 that will make you scream your loudest.


4. The Chandelier Swing


Two riders make every sex swing even more fun; so hop on with your partner and let the fun start. He should sit on the swing firmly, for a safe experience for both of you. You should face them while sitting on their lap and with their dick inside of you. Then, just start swaying and let the swing make you both feel the best sensations ever.


5. The Proper Doorman


If you are into bondage, but you don’t feel like going all the way, pick an over-the-door sex swing model. Put your feet in the straps and sit in the swing with your legs wide open. For an additional dose of kink, let your partner bind your wrists to the straps. If you are not into that, just hold on to them. Then, simply wait for your partner’s penis and expect dreamy stimulation.…

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Finding The Best Humidifiers for Your Home or Office Space

Being indoors all day can be pretty unhealthy, tons of dry air can hurt your lungs performance, often times it’s too dry, other times it’s both dry and stale. During some months of the year, dry air can be a seriously dangerous health issue for people which can cause cracked lips, irritation of the eyes and a lot of other issues. These machines are great for the office and home and will be great for your health overall. Please make sure to read our full guide over here: this is the room humidifier I would use.

  • Pure Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This model is a popular humidifier for a good number of reasons, it has a large one-and-a-half-liter tank, a 360-degree nozzle that allows the entire room or area it’s placed in to be fully misted, it also has a shut off function that automatically stops the humidifier when out of water. It’s less than 40$ so the price is incredibly reasonable.

  • TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This is another popular mist humidifier model, the features include a 5 liter tank, a 13 hour functional period (assuming a full tank), a clean LED display, an auto-timer, and a ceramic filter that allows quick and easy removal and cleaning of the tank. It’s a bit more expensive than the Pure Cool Mist model but still nonetheless it’s under 75 bucks on Amazon.

  • Dyson AM10 Humidifier

The Dyson AM10 Humidifier is an unique model as it has a feature known as the “Ultraviolent cleanse technology” which is used to filter out a large amount of bacteria in the air, it has long range mist projection which allows it to fill your entire room with a good amount of mist. It’s an amazing model for those who have a lot of allergies as it can help filter out all of the allergens that the air around you will have.

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25 Perfect Gifts For the Healthiest Person You Know

In general, when we imagine a person who is health conscious, we tend to imagine a prim and proper person, someone who has never done anything out of the ordinary such as skydiving, getting a tattoo and running away. However, this is always not the case because all football players famous, fitness conscious and they have a tattoo.

So, giving a gift to a fitness freak with a cool attitude might be a troublesome task. You can never guess their likes and dislikes. Some of them might be a fan of chocolates and do not mind indulging every now and then whereas others might be very firm about their diet. Like, certain people do not mind using non-organic products, but then we have who rely only on organic products. For instance, people with a tattoo don’t mind during chemically composed aftercare products, but they are many who would go for only the organic products. If you are searching for an organic place for tattoo aftercare, let us tell you that primitiveOutpost has your tattoo aftercare sorted.

So, we have come up with a simple, yet perfect gift ideas for a healthy person.

The Best Gift Ideas for a Health Conscious Person

  1. A Sprouting Kit to grow your own organic vegetables
  2. Nut Milk Bag for the perfect homemade nut milk
  3. Vegan Snack box for a vegan lover
  4. A heavy-duty foam roller is a perfect gift a gym person
  5. Vegetables Spiralizer to chop their vegetables
  6. Acupuncture mat and pillow to release their stress and tension.
  7. Effective oxygen reader for high-up places
  8. Waterproof headphones
  9. Waterproof players.
  10. An oil diffuser to reap all the health benefits of essential oils
  11. Fitbook to help them plan their weeks ahead
  12. Fitbit Charge Activity Tracker
  13. Sports watch having GPS feature
  14. Personal Water Filler
  15. Water bottle with a witty and funny message
  16. Running gloves with touchscreen finger pads.
  17. Quick Drying Towel
  18. Organic Vegetable Basket
  19. Month’s subscription to Class Pass
  20. Pack of Organic soaps
  21. At-Home Spa Set
  22. A gym tank with an attitude
  23. Organic products from primitiveOutpost
  24. Cold Weather running top
  25. Funky workout tights
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The Single Most important thing to Remember When Gifting on a First Date 

The first date can send chills down your spine. There are a thousand and one questions that will run through your mind when preparing for it. First it is the choice of what to wear and the next is how to keep the conversation going between you two. There are times you will ask yourself if the person may end up liking you or not.

How behave on the first date will determine if your relationship will work out with the person or not, remember; the first impression always matters. All thanks to social media and other dating sites, we can boldly say “dating online made easy”.

In this article we shall look at some of the most important single thing to take note of when gifting on the first date.


Ask questions about what your partner’s ideal first date should look like. A lot of people end up blowing the roof off on the very first date and this can make your partner develop a strong dislike for you. Ask questions about your partner’s taste and use it as a guide.

The gift given on the first date should be as simple as possible. It could be a simple flower, or perhaps a simple necklace which will make your partner feel appreciated. Remember this is the first time you will be meeting for a date. It is good not to make your partner feel uncomfortable. Never present flowers when you know your partner may dislike them.

The gift on the first date should be of a moderate price. There is no need to go about purchasing gifts that cost a fortune on the first date as this may serve as a warning signal to your partner. Some of them may dislike it. Get gifts that are very simple and of moderate price.

Your first date can be great if only you will take your time to study the personality of your partner.…

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The Best Affordable Celebrity Style 2018

Everybody who is interested in fashion wants to keep up with the latest celebrity styles and trends. However, most of us don’t have the same budget as celebrities do, to splurge on luxury designer goods. Here, we will look at some more affordable ways to recreate popular celebrity styles, so you can look like a star even when you’re on a tight budget.

Some celebrities love shopping on the high street, so you can easily find some actual outfits worn by celebrities at some of your favorite stores. One clothing website which is very popular with celebrities is ASOS. This global retailer is available in a huge range of countries and offers great benefits such as free shipping, discount gucci handbags and great discount codes – perfect for those on a tight budget. If you do have a bit more cash to spend, ASOS also offer designer goods which are ideal for copying celebrity style.

There are a few other retailers which are always popular with celebrities. You have to watch out though – if a celeb is spotted wearing a high street piece, it is sure to sell out almost instantly. Some stores which are worth watching are Topshop, Zara and Urban Outfitters.

If you want to copy celebrity style, there are a few looks which are always popular with celebrities, which are easy to replicate on a budget. You should invest in a few key pieces which can be worn with lots of different accessories and other pieces, or can be worn for different occasions. Some great pieces which are sure to make you always look like a star are the little black dress, nude heels, and a classic all-white outfit. You are sure to find some great pieces in your favorite store or clothing website, without breaking the bank.…

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The ultimate guide to drum sets for kids

Many kids love drumming, although parents aren’t always as keen! Here, we will take a look at some ways to find the perfect drum set for your child or children, no matter how old they are or what style you are looking for.  

For babies, there are lots of drum-style toys which are great for helping introduce your kids to drumming and learning rhythm at an early age. They usually feature lights and play fun sound effects and nursery rhymes, making them really attractive to young babies.  

There are also lots of toddler and kids drum sets available on the market. These often look like miniature versions of real drum kids, but with only two of three drums. They are ideal for parents who are hoping their child might get into drumming in the future!  

Many junior drum kits are designed for children up to 5′ tall, or around 10 years of age. It’s important to take into account the height recommendations before buying – if your child is too small they won’t be able to reach all parts of the kit. If they are too tall, they will end up adopting a poor posture, which can result in pain, and will get worse as they get taller. If your child is tall for their age or growing quickly, it’s often better to choose a beginner adult drum kit instead. This is great because it means parents can join in the fun, too!  

For parents who are worried about the noise, it’s a great idea to choose an electric drum kit. These are ideal for those living in apartments, or if you just need a bit of peace and quiet! There are electric drums available for children and beginners, and there are also mat-type drums which are placed on a table top, also ideal for helping reduce noise. 

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First Time Buyers Guide: Buying A House

Finally, you have saved enough money or you have acquired the conditions for a loan to buy an apartment or a house and you are ready for this great living investment. Moving into your own or new apartment or house is an exciting and important life event, but before signing a real estate purchase contract, it’s important to preserve the ‘cold head’ and carefully select a place you will soon call your home.

In order to make the best decision, we bring a small list of things that you need to pay attention before buying a property:

Checking the documentation

Although this does not require special notes, the first thing we need to do before buying an apartment or a home is to make sure that all ownership documents are correct and whether the person who sells an apartment or a house is the only owner of the property.

Set priorities

Although you sometimes fall in love with the house or apartment you want to buy at first glance, consider whether this property really has everything you need. For example, this may be a spacious kitchen, a children’s room or a parking space, but also other things such as school and kindergartens.

As for prioritizing, experts suggest that when choosing an apartment, next to a favorable price, you first look at the location, size and functionality of the apartment, and then the other things that you consider important. It can be close to city transport or distance from the workplace, and everything else you consider important.

It’s not all in a square meter

Although most people hope that for the money they have at their disposal to buy a bigger apartment, real estate experts point out that the square footage of the apartment is not always the most important one. What is very important is its functionality. A multi-square meter apartment will not mean much to you if you squat, for example, refer to a huge hallway or some other room without daylight.

Check the property status

Do not fall into the trap of an ad in which the apartment is offered conveniently ‘with little adaptation‘ or ‘small investment’. Such property attracts customers because of the low price, but sometimes after the renovation of the apartment, it turns out that you could buy an apartment in a new building for one or less money or some did not need an adaptation or additional investment.

In these situations, it is not necessary to check only the appearance of walls and windows, but the age of installations and the safety of the valves, sanitary facilities and electric and gas boilers. Do not forget about the age and overall condition of the building in which the apartment is located, and check the correctness of lifts, intercoms and other things that you consider important for your safety. If you are not sure about your assessment, you should seek advice from a construction or architect who will give you a reliable assessment of the state of the property.

Think ahead in terms of money

In addition to money to buy an apartment, remember that you will have to have some money in your process for other expenses. It can be a deposit, certification and preparation of various documents and contracts, expert estimates, taxes and possible renovation expenses or new furniture. By timely planning and budgeting, you will avoid additional stress and speed up the process of buying real estate.

Secure your property

When we consider property insurance, what we first think about is insurance of an apartment or house from burglary, fire or flood, but the fact is that nowadays property insurance policies now cover many risks, including even regular maintenance or repairs in the home or apartment.By negotiating the appropriate insurance policy for your home for a good price at, you will best protect what you have worked hard and sleep peacefully throughout the year.

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A Personal picture printing services

Photo printing is still a popular thing. In fact in this digital era photo printing services have more significance than ever.

When it comes to personal picture printing services there are many physical photo printing stores as well as online services available:

  1. Print quality should be your prime focus

Even the best picture captured on the best cameras would look plain if the quality of the print is not good. So choose a printing service that offers the best quality prints. If there is an option to choose the types of finishes and the photo paper types then it would be even better. is one such place where you would be able to find the best quality photo printing options.

  1. Photo processing facilities:

The physical print might often be different from the digital version. So there might be some minor levels of corrections required to be done on the photo so to do justice to the prints. Look for printing services that can also help you with the basic photo processing services.

  1. Check for the real reviews from real customers

Fancy websites and a plethora of features alone would not be enough. Look for photo printing services that have a good track record. Timeliness in delivering the photo prints and the adherence to the photo print quality promised would be factors to keep in mind. Look for a photo printing service that has got good reviews from the customers that have used them.

When you choose a photo printing service for the first time it is always a good idea to start with just a few small prints. And this would help you understand how easy it is to use the service and how quick they are in delivering the prints. Once you have gained a trust on them you would then be able to confidently order larger superior quality prints for your home.…

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