Sex Swings – Five Positions That Will Make You Experience Mind-Blowing Mid-Air Orgasms

Sex swings are the best playthings out there; they take pleasure to a new level. They are both hot and kinky, and they eliminate frustrations and problems such as weight, height, and boring sexual routine. Plus, who doesn’t like swings?


So, if you got yourself a nice sex swing, but you aren’t quite sure how to use it, or which poses are the best for achieving utmost pleasure with your partner, keep on reading. Here are the top five sex swing positions that will make you ask for more.


1.  Doggy in Space


Doggy style pose is amazing by itself, but imagine being suspended during doggy. Plus, the pose is awesome for lazy girls. Lie over one strap with your tummy and rest your chest over the other strap. Pick a hammock-like swing for this position; it will provide the most comfort. Your partner is behind you, holding on to your thighs or hips while sliding you back onto him. Moreover, one of your hands will be free; use it to touch yourself.


2. The Fidget Spinner


Sex swings that can do a 360 are the real deal; they provide next-level orgasms. Put your feet in the harness, hold on to the straps and slide your butt back off the seat. Then, use plenty of lube and lower yourself onto our partner’s penis. He should just lie there and spin you if you like that.


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3. The Magic Carpet


Sit in the swing and then lean back as much as you can; like a child trying to swing high. Your partner stands above, straddling your face. He bends to pleasure you using either his mouth, toys, or fingers (or a combination of these). Basically, this is a weightless 69 that will make you scream your loudest.


4. The Chandelier Swing


Two riders make every sex swing even more fun; so hop on with your partner and let the fun start. He should sit on the swing firmly, for a safe experience for both of you. You should face them while sitting on their lap and with their dick inside of you. Then, just start swaying and let the swing make you both feel the best sensations ever.


5. The Proper Doorman


If you are into bondage, but you don’t feel like going all the way, pick an over-the-door sex swing model. Put your feet in the straps and sit in the swing with your legs wide open. For an additional dose of kink, let your partner bind your wrists to the straps. If you are not into that, just hold on to them. Then, simply wait for your partner’s penis and expect dreamy stimulation.

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