The Four Types Of Online Shoppers And How To Get Them To Buy

Online business has taken off in a big way!

Statistics have proved that online stores have more custom than the traditional brick and mortar stores. The revolution has been a quick one. In less than a decade, online shopping has taken the world by a storm.

It is estimated that the online buying and selling industry is worth $995 billion approximately.  The number of online stores is only burgeoning in the past decade and a lot of physical retail outlets are also making their presence felt in the online space. The experts are of the belief that at the rate that the conversion is happening, there is a high chance that the physical retail market will soon fade into oblivion while online markets will rule the roost.

This may take time but it will happen for sure:

Retailers believe that this may sound like a not too remote possibility but how fast it can happen is still to be seen.

Why should the online stores know who the customers are?

Consider the kind of competition that there is online when more than a hundred stores over the internet sell the same basic stuff. It is mind-blowing. To tackle the competition and to make sure that they get a piece of the pie, the online retailers must be able to focus on advertising their wares to their target audiences effectively to be able to capture their attention. Also, a clear idea of what catches the audience’s fancy will help them attract them with more offers and promotions.

The four types of online customers as per my research are:

  1. People who love the convenience that online shopping offers;
  2. People who are very careful with their information online and will not like to share their bank and other personal information freely and without any skepticism;
  3. People who are careful shoppers as opposed to impulsive ones. They will carefully read the descriptions and match products feature to feature before investing in them;
  4. And last but not the least, those that shop secretly so that others may not know.

A longer description of the list can be found on my blog. Or you can visit the website trulycoin.


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